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Cedges Classics – Bacon and Glace Cherry Nibbles

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Now I appreciate that this is an odd post but trust me..this works! The reason that the photo is so bad is that I’ve never made a batch of these and been able to transfer more than a third to a serving plate or get in there to take a photo – leaving them to cool a bit is a risky business! Moreish doesn’t quite cover these and they couldn’t be any easier to make. I don’t think there is a veggie alternative for these, I’m not sure ‘fakeon’ would have the same effect to be honest.

I can take no credit for these..they are the work of Sarah Kier, a local WI and baking buddy. Thanks Sarah! A link to Sarah’s scenic artist facebook page is on the Links page – check it out!

Makes as many as you please – 30 Kcal each



Streaky Bacon (smoked or unsmoked)
Glace Cherries (The violently red sugar laden ones in a tub from the baking aisle)

You need half as many rashers of bacon as number of cherries. You need three times more than you think you need!

Preheat the oven to as high as it will go.

Place a stack of Streaky Bacon on a plastic chopping board and cut in half using a large wide his bladed knife to double the number of rashers. Move stacks to the side.

Take one piece of bacon and lay out in the middle of the board. Using the flat of your knife, start from the middle of the rasher and push down whilst dragging the knife to the end of the rasher. Repeat towards the other end. Your rasher should now be thinner than before and a little longer/wider.

Tip – I also use this bacon flattening method when making pigs in blankets and for the bacon I cover the turkey work at xmas.

Place 1 Glace Cherry at the end of the rasher and roll it in the bacon.

Place in a tin ready for baking.

Tip – You can secure each morsel with a cocktail stick but I find putting them end side down in the tin is sufficient.

Tip – I’d recommend lining the tin with parchment or even foil to avoid the kind of clean up job I had with the tin in the picture.

Repeat until all of the bacon/cherries have been used up.

Stick in the oven and keep an eye on them. They’ll take about 10 minutes, more if your oven isn’t super hot.

Tip – If you’re the kind that likes your bacon super crispy, I’d turn these over and give them another couple of minutes to crisp up the bottoms.

Warning! The cherries will be hotter than a thousand suns at this point!

Leave to cool slightly then serve – ideally with booze. Leftovers (hah!) can be eaten straight out of the fridge, Nigella style.

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