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I have a bee in my bonnet. That’s a lie, my bonnet is practically made of bees. But this particular bee is concerned about the widespread fear of poaching eggs.

It’s really not that hard. I promise.

You don’t need to worry about vinegar in the water, creating elaborate whirlpools, doing a handstand while it’s cooking or buying little pouches (these coddle the eggs not poach them anyway but that’s another bee right there).

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This is what you need:

A shallow pan filled with properly boiling water.
Tip – Use a boiled kettle – life’s too short

FRESH EGGS. Got that? Fresh. The fresher the better.
Tip – This is the only true way to stop egg spread

A decently holey fish slice.
Tip – A flat spartula works with you better than a holey spoon


That’s it.

Wait for the water to boil.

FYI I could fit 4 at a time in this size pan

Crack the eggs in – you’re using a shallow pan so in a decent size frying pan you could do up to 6 at once.

Tip – Try and remember the order you put them in – perhaps start at the top and work clockwise.

Watch them. They won’t take long – maybe 2 to 3 minutes. If any yolks are sticking just out the water, you can flick water over then until they go opaque. Don’t touch them otherwise.

When they’re at your preferred level of done, turn the job off and shove the fish slice under the first egg you put in and lift it out. Hover with it above the pan for a couple of secs to drain and serve it.

Tip – This is where confidence comes into play – fiddling around and being all gentle will most likely end up breaking the egg yolk whilst it’s still in the water – disaster! Also it’ll take too long and your other eggs will be overcooked. Just go for it.

Repeat for the rest of the eggs in the order you cracked them into the pan and bingo!

Tip – A little bit of sea salt on the finished eggs will make a world of difference

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