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Cedges Recommends – Graceburn Cheese – Blackwoods Cheese Company

I quite often talk about ‘Cheese in a Jar’. Its this – ‘Graceburn‘ from Blackwoods Cheese Company based in Brockley and its godly.

A couple of summers ago, someone started a Saturday hipster market in Peckhan in a school car park behind Lidl. It was glorious as a location as you might imagine but as I never actually make it to Brockley Market like I intend to, it was closer and I actually managed to head over to the inaugural market. It was, to be honest, a bit disappointing and has in fact subsequently closed.

An overpriced but underwhelming breakfast muffin later, my friend Kirsten and I went to check out the other stalls. I wandered past a cheese stall and was asked if I’d like to sample but it was only 11am ish and I said it was a bit early for me and cheese. Whilst hanging around while Kirsten looked at another stall, I was lured back in and I ended up agreeing to try what was described to me as ‘like feta but made locally with cow’s milk so it can’t be called ‘feta’ in olive oil’. Well I don’t eat feta because it’s ewe milk which I don’t like (along with goat milk) so I thought ok, this is different – I’ll give it a go.


Thank god I did! It’s soft and tangy and garlicy in all the right ways. It has quite a dry texture but is really creamy at the same time and super moist as it’s marinated in olive oil and rapeseed oil with thyme, garlic, bay and peppercorns.

Of course I bought a jar, despite the £6.00 price tag (it was so worth it), grabbed a focaccia from another stall and went home to eat more.

I wasn’t planning on eating it all but by the next day….

2014-11-06 19.49.05


This is quite widely available in my area – at North Cross Road Market, Crystal Palace Market and the aforementioned Brockley Market  on a Saturday and Herne Hill Market on a Sunday.

It’s also available in various stores including The General Store on Bellenden Road, Peckham and Franklins Farm Shop on Lordship Lane, East Dulwich and even Selfridges although sadly not online.

A full list of Stockists is here.

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