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Cedges Basics – Removing Avocado Flesh

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Not one of my snappier titles, I will grant you, but this is my guide to getting one step closer to that magical ingredient…smushed/smashed avocado, hopefully without cutting yourself or making a royal mess!

Just to entice you…here are a few uses for said smushed/smashed avocado…

Firstly I only ever buy hass avocados, these are the darker, wrinkly-er skinned variety rather than the smoother green skinned variety – most places, including the supermarkets stock both.  Most supermarkets also stock a ‘ripe and ready’ pack and a ‘ripen at home pack’ – essentially the equivalent of selling both yellow and green bananas. They’re dearer but I do tend to buy the ripe and ready versions, and these sometime still need a day or two out of the fridge to reach optimum ripeness. The others can take weeks although putting them next to some bananas will help them ripen quicker.

So once you’ve decided that your avocado is soft enough to be yielding and ripe,  but not too far gone and brown, you can play avocado roulette (I won with the one in the pics, I caught it in the 6 minute window of perfect!) and start digging in:

Step 1

Use a sharp knife to cut the fruit in half length-ways, running the knife around the stone.

Step 2

Split apart (you may need to twist it gently as you pull the two halves apart) and using a little height and force, hit the stone in its centre with the knife blade.

Step 3

Twist and pull the knife and the stone should come out still attached to the knife.

Step 4

Using the knife tip, score the avocado flesh in each half right through to the skin (taking care not to go through the skin) into little squares.

Step 5

Use a desert spoon to scoop the flesh out.

Step 6

Ta-da!!! Add some lemon or lime juice to the cut avocado fairly quickly to stop it from graying.

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