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Cedges Bakes – Fully Loaded Bacon and Mozzarella Turnovers

This is something I recently made to use some of the excess puff pastry that I made on my recent pastry course at Denman College as described in my post about Proper Sausage Rolls. You could of course just use ready made puff pastry, but as I’m now a convert to how relatively easy it is to make a batch of proper puff and freeze it in small blocks, I’d really recommend making your own.

This is a classic combination, oft found in a local Greggs, regularly hoovered up by me. To twist the classic, a layer of onion marmalade would make an excellent addition spread on the pastry before the bacon and cheese is added.

Makes 4



1/2 quantity of Puff Pastry (or 1 ready rolled sheet or block)
8 Rashers Middle Bacon (or 12 of Back Bacon)
250g Pre-Grated Mozzarella
1 Egg

First a tale of what not to do with your puff pastry:

I thought to myself, hey – I’ve seen pastry rolled out between two sheets of greaseproof paper before – that seemed to work when rolling out my butter when making the pastry – that seems a good idea to try to keep the mess down here.

So I popped my small square of pastry between 2 sheets, rolled it out then pulled the first layer off…..and OMG disaster. Less of a sheet of rolled out laminated pastry, more of a ooey-gooey mess. So I put this back in the freezer, still flat in its paper and cut off another block. Which I rolled out properly, with flour.

Learn from my mistakes people.

What to do instead:

Preheat the oven to 200c.

Roll out your 1/2 quantity of Puff Pastry into a large rectangle and cut into 4 squares/rectangles.

Tip – Probably be better to aim for something a little squarer than mine if you’re going for neatness. 

Fry or grill 8 Rashers of Middle Bacon (or 12 of Back Bacon) until desired done-ness.

Tip – As usual I went for a light fry. Do bear in mind that the bacon will get a second cooking  in the oven so I wouldn’t go too crispy at this point. 

Lay 2 rashers of middle bacon (or 3 rashers of back bacon) diagonally on each square of pastry.

Sprinkle 250g Pre-Grated Mozzarella evenly between the 4 squares.

Tip – I use the pre-grated stuff here as regular mozzarella would be much to wet. You could easily substitute this out for any other preferred cheese. 

Beat 1 Egg in a small bowl and use a pastry brush to egg-wash all over the exposed pastry.

Bring the 2 corners of pastry into the middle of the bacon and cheese and fold in any sticking out edges. You can be as neat or as rough and ready as you please.

Move each pastry to a lined baking tray and egg-wash all over the top of each.

Pop in the oven for 12/15 minutes until a good golden brown.

Try to give it a minute to cool before eating them all.


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