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The Triple Decker

Now I am quite sure that I don’t come from the only family that has partook in a 3 layer breakfast sandwich delight on a regular basis but I’m yet to come across one. As a result, ‘The Triple Decker’ or ‘Trip Dec’ is a little legendary in my friendship circles.

Now this is not diet food and probably not recommended for consumption everyday but as a weekend breakfast – nom! It is also best not messed around with. The addition of some fried mushrooms is acceptable. Some baked beans to dip it in is mildly acceptable. Use of any bread other than plastic white sliced will ruin the entire point of the sandwich. The addition of ketchup is an abomination and will not be tolerated. Don’t even mention that brown stuff. Bacon should be cheap – ‘dry maple cured 100 day aged Gloucester old spot’ streaky bacon is not appropriate. Back bacon can be substituted for the middle bacon – both are preferably procured from the supermarket value range. Streaky bacon is pointless.

This is a proper northern breakfast sandwich – for the love of god butter the bread.

Serves 1



2 Rashers Unsmoked Middle Bacon or 3/4 Rashers Unsmoked Back Bacon
3 Slices Thick White Sliced Bread
1 Large Egg



Start by frying 2 Rashers Unsmoked Middle Bacon or 3/4 Rashers Unsmoked Back Bacon on a medium high heat in a non-stick frying pan.

Tip – Use a non-stick frying pan. Using some kind of non-stick pan does not make you better than everyone else nor does it put you on some kind of higher echelon of cook – it makes you a chump. I’d recommend the Kavalkad from Ikea – cheap as chips – keep a few in the house, replace them when the non-stick starts to go – ultimately significantly cheaper than spending £40 on a pan that loses its non-stick in a year anyway.



Meanwhile cut any dry crusts off 3 Slices Thick White Sliced Bread (I went for removing the top and bottom crusts but the sides were nice and soft so I left them). Liberally butter all 3 slices of bread, one of them on both sides (for the middle section).

Once cooked, remove the bacon from the pan and place on one slice of the buttered bread. Lay the double buttered slice on top.



Crack 1 Egg directly into the frying pan you used for the bacon. If you’re using that non-stick pan I recommended, you won’t need to add any oil.

Push any runaway egg white back towards the yolk as the egg starts cooking.

Once the egg white is cooked enough for the egg to hold its shape, use a fish slice to flip the whole egg over in the pan. Use the edge of the spatula to gently press down on the white all around the egg yolk to make sure the white is cooked through. Flip the egg back over to make sure the white is cooked though.



Place the cooked egg on top of the bacon bread stack and gently break the yolk and spread it over the whole surface of the sandwich to ensure yolky goodness in every bite.

Sprinkle the yolky egg with a small pinch of Salt (preferably sea salt flakes – the one nod I’ll sanction towards the poncey).

Lay the last slice of bread on top of the egg (butter side down obviously) and press down gently.

Cut the sandwich into two halves making sure to wipe any egg yolk left on the knife on top of the sandwich.

Eat – expect to be messy – keep kitchen roll close by but don’t employ it until all egg yolk has been licked off of the plate and your fingers.

Let me know what you think in the comments!

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