Cedges Eats


…..its been here all along in fact. You’ll find it by clicking on the Bars/Shops/Restaurants option at the top of all my blog pages.

I keep adding suggestions and trying to update it as I visit new places….I’ve just added these new entries….

The Greenhouse – I can’t believe that I haven’t mentioned this place before. It’s easily one of my favourite restaurants in the UK. Actually, the world. And I’ve not even been there for a good 8/9 years. Leonie and Neil set up the restaurant in little St Keverne which was just down the road from the village shop and post office that my family owned at around that time.  I found them on a yell.com search looking for somewhere new to eat in the area and we couldn’t stop going back, including for a couple of Christmas Day lunches.  They now have a regular stall at Helston and St Keverne farmer’s markets and Neil runs occasional bread making classes. They also have an Instagram which makes me constantly drool and I really should actually go back to Cornwall. The Greenhouse is the first place I’ll be heading to and the first place I recommend to anyone heading in anything vaguely like the direction of the Lizard.

The Wharf Inn – Fenny Compton – The mixed grill dreams are made off (unless your dreams involve lamb or pork). 8oz rump steak, an 8oz chicken supreme, 10 oz gammon steak, 2 sausages, 2 eggs, 1 (undercooked) tomato, peas and chips (I substituted for salad) – proper meat sweat inducing for £20. The burgers were also fairly epic, the burger pictured below included 2 beef burgers, 1 battered chicken burger, bacon, hash browns & onion rings, topped with cheddar cheese on a soft bun with lettuce, tomato and onion with chips. Because you really need chips with that! Not! Its also right on the canal path and is perfect for a sunny day pub garden pint.

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