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For the first part of my series of Sushi recipes, I am starting with the biggest hit from my feast last year – Crab Uramaki. This is basically an inside out sushi roll with a tasty sweet chili and crab mix at its literal heart.

You could cook and pick a fresh crab for this – the recipe is about equal to one regular sized crab but the pots of mixed crab meat or a ready dressed crab are a very realistic option and the one I have used.

There are a few items of equipment that are helpful to have. This first is a sushi rolling mat like this one which are available in the major supermarkets and are no more than a quid or two.  The second is clingfilm. The third is a really good sharp knife. I have recently bought a knife steel and it has changed my knife game, I can’t recommend picking one up enough.

Makes 16 Pieces (2 bites each)



2 Cups of Cooked Sushi Rice
3 Spring Onions
100g Mixed Brown and White Crab Meat
3 tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce
1 tsp Ginger Paste
1 Sheet Toasted Nori (Seaweed)
4 tbsp Mixed Sesame Seeds
1 tsp Shichimi Spice Mix (or Chili Powder)

Start by ensuring that your 2 Cups of Cooked Sushi Rice are totally cooled.


Trim and very finely slice  3 Spring Onions and mix until evenly combined with 100g Mixed Brown and White Crab Meat, 3 tbsp Sweet Chili Sauce and 1 tsp Ginger Paste.  

Using a sharp knife, halve 1 Sheet Nori and set aside one half. Lay the other half on your bamboo rolling mat and spoon half of the crab mixture evenly along one edge leaving a small border.

Wet the visible nori with a tiny bit of cold water using your finger. Using the bamboo mat to assist, roll the crab mix in the nori and ensure that the loose edge is sealed well. Try to make it as tight as possible without the crab mix spurting out the ends of the roll!

Set aside and repeat with the other half of the nori sheet and crab mix.

Cover the rolling mat in a generous sheet of cling film, trying to make sure that there are no big creases.

Take half of the cooked sushi rice and spread it evenly over about half of the rolling mat. Use the crab/nori roll to establish how wide it needs to be. I used the side of my large knife to neaten the edges and had several gentle test rolls to make sure my rice was the right size to roll all the way around in an even layer with no gap or overlap. I’m not the biggest advocate of precision in cooking but this is the time to relax and take your time – the finished look will be worth it. ‘Oh that’ll do’ won’t really end well!

Tip – Liberally wet your fingers before handling the rice. It will be stickier than any other substance you have touched in your life otherwise. 

Wrap the rice roll in the cling film and twist the ends to ‘burrito roll’ and tighten it. Set aside for a moment.

On a board or ideally, a lipped tray to contain the seeds, sprinkle 4 tbsp Mixed Sesame Seeds and 1 tsp Shichimi Spice Mix.  You can do this half at a time.

Carefully release the rice roll from its clingfilm and roll it in the seed and spice until evenly covered. I roll it every-which-way to ensure no gaps. Burrito roll it back up in its clingfilm and leave in the fridge for at least 60 minutes or in the freezer for only 15 minutes. Repeat with the second roll.

I like to take the rolls out and slice them about half an hour before serving. Sushi obviously isn’t something to serve warm but when it is fridge cold, the flavours tend to be dulled.  It is however easier to slice when very cold and firmed up.  I also like to slice the rolls while they are still in their cling film and unwrap each piece – it does just slip off.

Start but cutting  a little off of each end – don’t waste the trimmings – just eat them! Then cut the roll in half, each of those halves in half and then each of the quarters in half to make 8 pieces. Repeat with the second roll.

Serve with soy sauce to dip in.

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