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Cedges Cooks – Ham and Cheese Breakfast ‘Casserole’

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This is very much not a casserole in the British sense but in the American sense – their sense seems to be pretty much anything you can bake in a casserole type dish.  This is really a savoury bread and butter pudding. Without the butter and with ham and cheese. You get the picture.

I baked this on a Sunday evening to reheat in portions throughout the week for breakfast much like with my very first post Sweet Potato Cornbread Breakfast Slice.

Serves 4 – 392kcal per portion



8 Slices White Danish Bread (180g)
200g Sliced Ham
125g Light Mozzarella
100g Reduced Fat Cheddar
4 Eggs
400ml Skimmed Milk
1 Tbsp Sea Salt Flakes

I don’t usually bother pre-preparing ingredients, I tend to measure and add as I go along but when creating dishes with layers, as I am a forgetful idiot, I tend to condone the additional washing up created. So…

Cube 8 Slices White Danish Bread (180g) – 16 or so chunks per slice and set aside.

Cut 200g Sliced Ham into small pieces – maybe 1/2cm squared-ish.

Shred 125g Light Mozzarella into small pieces.

Grate 100g Reduced Fat Cheddar – I went fine grated but coarse would also work.

Line a 25×25 baking dish.

Add half of the bread cubes to the dish and spread into an even layer.

Scatter over half of the ham.

All all of the mozzarella in one layer then about one third of the grated cheddar.

Continue to layer the remaining bread and then ham.

Whisk 4 Eggs, 400ml Skimmed Milk and 1 Tbsp Sea Salt Flakes together then slowly pour the mix over the dish.

If you have time at this point, leave the dish aside for a little while to let the milk/egg mix soak right into the bread. If not, no real harm.

Top with remaining grated cheddar and bake for 50 minutes.


Serve straight away or leave to cool entirely and refrigerate overnight. Slice into portions and reheat for a couple of minutes per portion in the microwave.


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