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Cedges Bakes America – Peanut Brittle

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I make this brittle to whizz up and sprinkle on the top of my Brownie Bottomed Chocolate Peanut Cheesecake but only a small portion of it is needed for that and actually the remainder does not go to waste! I think its a cracking little treat in its own right (just don’t tell the dentist!)

This recipe is taken from the Lyle’s Golden Syrup site although I have used unsalted peanuts but instead salted the caramel itself for a less overt saltiness  I felt that the golden syrup would add a little stability to my poor record at making caramel. It worked – whether it was luck or science, who knows!



60g Butter
185g Caster Sugar
1 Tbsp Water
200g Golden Syrup
200g Unsalted Peanuts
2 Tbsp Sea Salt Flakes

Put a small bowl of cold water and ice next to the hob. You will need this for testing the caramel stage later.

Line a small brownie tin with greaseproof paper. You can also use a baking tray but the brittle will spread further.

Melt 60g Butter, 185g Caster Sugar and 1 Tbsp Water in a medium saucepan over a low heat until melted. Keep stirring whilst melting.

Add 200g Golden Syrup and continue stirring until all combined and the mixture has started to simmer – you may need to increase the heat a little.

Continue to gently boil and stir until the caramel starts to darken a little. This took longer than I was expecting – about 10 minutes.

To test when it is ready, drop a little of the caramel into your bow of ice water. When it immediately holds together and hardens it is ready. You may need to keep testing every minute or so until this happens – be patient – it will happen! You will also ‘just know’ when the texture changes. Trust your instincts.

Add 200g Unsalted Peanuts and 2 Tbsp Sea Salt Flakes whilst still on the heat and stir until totally combined.

Pour the mixture into your lined tin and leave to cool – do not be tempted to touch it for a good 10/15 minutes – molten sugar will burn

After 15 minutes you can remove from the tin (carefully) onto a cooling rack – I flipped mine over so the underside cooled more.

After another 15 minutes or whenever you want to, bash the block of brittle onto the worktop to break it up into bite size pieces. Or use a hammer – whatever floats your boat.


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