I’m a Northerner in South London by way of North Oxfordshire and several other counties including Cornwall, Devon, Hampshire and Lancashire.  I work full time in insolvency in the city but my love is food – eating it, discovering it, experimenting with it and adapting it to suit my lifestyle.

The Blog

I’ve been taking pictures of food for quite some time and started to use Instagram in early 2016 which I now love and am obsessed with. Several calls for me to provide recipes have led me to relent and finally start this blog. I’m so pleased I have, I’m loving writing it. Such fun!

I’m aiming to include my recipes, restaurant reviews and product recommendations. I make a lot of what I consider to be incredibly easy and quick recipes but many folk I know still find these basics scary so I’ve started a ‘Mythbusting’ series to try and remove the fear from some of these basics. I’m also going to include cocktail and drink recipes and I have pages of basic tips, recommendations, cookbooks and resources.

All reviews will, like me, be absolutely honest. If I say I love somewhere/something, I truly do. If reviews appear to be primarily positive, its because I’m aiming to keep my ranting Twitter based!

I’m not great at writing recipes as I’m a throw it in, taste it, stare at the pantry cupboard/fridge to see what I have that will make it better kind of cook. Nigel Slater is my culinary hero. I’ll try but I think that recipes should be a guide and an inspiration, not a directive..use your gut when cooking, switch ingredients, make it a traybake when it’s a loaf recipe, it’ll probably be just fine. I’ve tried to include many tips and suggestions for alternatives throughout my recipes.

If I’ve missed anything or you have a recipe request or need inspiration – get in touch and I’ll do what I can.

My Food Style

I tend to have quick throw together meals in the week unless I’ve done some good prepping the weekend before and like I to spend weekend pottering and trying to come up with new dishes. I eat out a fair amount as a result of my lifestyle and these tend to be cheap eat places. I’m a stickler for value for money.

I’m picky but unless you’ve tried to cook for me, you probably wouldn’t know it from the food I cook…I eat and make dishes from all around the world, it’s rare, with the exception of a roast that I make much ‘traditional British food’ and I tend towards the quick cook dishes rather than the low and slow – meat that’s ‘falling apart’ holds little appeal for me – I like a good bit of bite and chew!

My Food Ethos

I hate the terms ‘clean food’ and ‘clean eating’.  I think its hokum.  Sugar, carbs, meat, even the processed kind *gasp*, especially bacon and gluten all feature in my diet and I will make no apology for it. I believe that the best healthy eating plan is ‘everything in moderation’. Unfortunately I’m prone to ‘everything in excess’ but I’m working on it!

I try to calorie count (ha ha ha!) so there will be calories stated for each post where possible. I only ever really buy skimmed milk as I was raised on it and semi skimmed is too creamy for me and whole milk is horrid as far as I am concerned! I buy reduced fat mature cheese and try to use less of it, half fat crème fraiche instead of double cream, reduced fat spread instead of butter and use Frylight spray to cook with. I’ve reduced my bread intake right down and try to buy the sandwich thins and thin bagels (I could easily eat half a loaf of Warburtons in a day without trying so I just don’t have it in the house).  None of these things make me especially happy but as it has more or less reduced my calories per day by probably a third, I’ll stick with it. My recipes will generally include these lower fat items but can easily be substituted for the real deal.

I’m a committed carnivore, vegetarian recipes will likely be few and far between. Generally if you want to make it meat free…take out the meat!

My Food Photography

My photography is basic, apologies, but massively helped out by the awesome camera on my Samsung S7 and I’m working on taking much better food pics. I’m getting there but they’re still not the best so bear with me. I’ll try and take as many in-process pics as I can to help illustrate recipes but I also hope to add some historical stuff and I may only have one pic for these.

All photos are my own unless otherwise stated and my not be reproduced without permission unless a link is provided back to this site.


I can be found on various social media:

Twitter: @cedges
Instagram: @cedges_eats (@cedges is also me but I can’t login – grrrr!)
Email: cedges@hotmail.com

Every like, retweet, comment and follow is making my day at the moment, please go crazy!

Note – if you are a blog promoter, Instagram follower purveyor or the like – please go away, I won’t be buying followers thank you very much and you will be blocked and reported as spam on the relevant platform. Thanks.


Please note that cedges.co.uk is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk. Any such links are denoted by an asterisk (*) following the link. I would never provide a link to a product that I didn’t wholeheartedly recommend. Any attempt to generate an income from this site will never affect the integrity of my content. But do please feel free to support me!


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